High-tech solution for your payments

Innovative, technological, and secure payment
ecosystem for your business.


Agnostic API based processing platform for both card acquiring and issuing.

Our API - based platform works with simple calls that capture both issued and acquired branded card payments. Supported by a complete PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified cloud - based infrastructure that is fully scalable to any size project.


BIN sponsoring, card manufacturing and personalization, card processing, digital first technology with virtual and physical cards, card control and tokenization.

We facilitate a comprehensive approach to the issuance program to ensure the best cards for your customers with additional consulting and support services. First Digital Technologies allow solutions such as virtual cards, card tokenization, and card control.


BIN sponsorship, processing, and pre-certified POS and SoftPOS terminals.

A cloud-base in-house processing capability that interacts in a compliant standard with its pre-certified L2 terminals from Ingenico and PAX technologies, SoftPOS (also known as Tap on Phone), or card not present transaction with Web and App plugins or API.

Prices vary depending on the size of the business and customer, with low initial integration fee and variable fees.

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